Cloudflare gives blocked IP addresses in Russia

The third day does not work our site in Russia
Users from many cities of Russia can not get to our site
Yandex not view site
Google not view site
I wrote in my previous thread, you don’t react
Please help! My site dont worked
Your service gives a pool of IP addresses that are blocked in Russia. Because of what many providers our site does not work. Please understand this problem and change the IP address!

That is a common issue with Russia. If you use the search you will find plenty of information.

I am afraid there is not much that will be done, Cloudflare wont manually change your addresses. You could try with a new account and hope you get new addresses assigned.

I deleted and re-created the project. But when checking shows the same IP addresses. What else can be done?

On a new account? Then you wouldnt need to delete it.

I did not delete the account. The project should not be deleted?

You need a new account as I already said.

Do I need to delete my old account or can I leave it?

You can keep the old account. You can even keep the domain on it, as the domain would automatically move once you validate it on the new account.

Everything worked, thank you very much!
Prompt, in the new account there is no certificate for the server, it needs to be transferred from the old account?

The old origin certificate probably has been revoked. Simply have a new one issued.

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