Cloudflare gives a whirling blue circle when trying to open folder

For weeks, I’ve been getting a whirling blue circle when I try to open a folder on my Desktop and am stuck with this for ages. Maybe other effects, but I’m not sure. After spending ages doing clean boots with different services allowed, I’ve narrowed this down to the Cloudflare one and get the same effect when i have Cloudflare running, but not when I don’t. Any ideas?

Hi there,

If you have network folders mapped, this might be your issue.
Windows behavior is to check every network drive when you open explorer for the 1st time, even if you’re not actively browsing to it, as long as the network locations are in that left shortcut panel, windows will actively try to connect to them in advance.

If the drives are not accessible, then it will take even longer. This is a known windows issue.
Test it out by unmapping any active network drive.

If this turns out to be your issue, the workaround might be to create shortcut network folders instead of mapping hard drives, or finding an alternative to Windows explorer.

Take care.