Cloudflare gives 523 Origin Unreachable in certain areas

In most areas like the United States, the website loads fine, but in other places like Belgium, all visitors get a 523 Origin Unreachable error, and I am not sure why. My website is . Thank you

523s are covered at Community Tip - Fixing Error 523: Origin is unreachable.

On I can only reproduce the error alternatingly on the UK checkpoint. Typically that will be an issue with your server that it rejects requests from certain Cloudflare datacentres.

In this particular case (the UK checkpoint) one address is being routed through the London datacentre, whereas the other address is routed through the Amsterdam datacentre. Considering that you mentioned Belgium, I’d assume these were also requests through that Dutch datacentre, in which case your host might block requests from that particular datacentre.

Unfortunately that’s something only your host can shed light on.

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If nothing else works, it could also be a temporary routing glitch between the Dutch datacentre and your host. That’s something only Cloudflare’s support could check and you’d need to open a support ticket for that.

If you do, point out that it might be AMS specific and refer to the thread here as well.

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