CloudFlare Getting Started with GoDaddy WordPress Site

I have just added my first site to Cloudflare FREE service and it is still setting up, but I want to ask a few hopefully quick items in advance to reduce issues:

  1. Are there any known issues with GoDaddy hosted sites, being hooked into Cloudflare?

  2. My site does not have SSL on GoDaddy so I should I make any changes to my SETTINGS > GENERAL > SITE ADDRESS or WORDPRESS ADDRESS to accomodate the SSL that Cloudflare provides?

3: Is there any configuration changes required to use the WP SUPER CACHE or JETPACK’s IMAGE CACHING (formerly PHOTON) on a WordPress site? Should they both just be disabled?

4: Is there any value in using a Cloudflare WordPress Plugin if I am using the FREE Cloudflare package?

5: When I surf to my site Log In ‹ Partisan Issues — WordPress to sign in, where will I be connecting to? It seems unlikely to be GoDaddy so how do I edit /add content after being setup on Cloudflare?

Thanks :slight_smile:

  1. No. Standard hosting at GoDaddy is compatible with Cloudflare.
  2. Don’t change those WordPress settings. Get the following plugin that’s compatible with Cloudflare’s Flexible SSL setting.
  3. I’d leave those plugins enabled. They work pretty well.
  4. No need to add the official Cloudflare plugin. I do all my Cloudflare business from my Cloudflare dashboard.
  5. You’re hitting the Cloudflare Proxy. Anything Cloudflare needs, it will grab from your GoDaddy server. WP-Admin activity gets passed through to your GoDaddy server where WordPress is installed.

Here’s that Flexible SSL plugin:


I do my best to ask clear direct questions but so often get half answers in forums. Your answers were direct, clear and without ‘tone’.


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Thanks. I have my Cloudflare setup on 2 (of 8 domains) and it is working with the exception of performance. As it stands now my sites performance have actually decreased about 10%.

Regardless I recorded a 5 minute setup demonstration video that goes over these questions and I gave you full credit and a link.

I hope this helps others :slight_smile:

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