Cloudflare getting slow

I am currently using a business plan for Cloud Flare.

Two days ago, the response speed was about 4 to 10 ms and did normally worked.

However, the problem is it currently takes about 160 to 250 ms.

I’ve checked a few things.

The total number of requests is 12,000 and it has been confirmed that there are 12,600 uncached requests.

Why am I doing this when I haven’t fixed any settings?

And how do I solve this?

Are you meassuring the TTFB of dynamic or static content? TestURL would be appreciated
What is your Domain and from where do you test?

More uncached requests then total requests? Seems like this is not possible

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check this url please :confused:

This URL:


is completely dynamic and therefore it will not be speed up by Cloudflare. But Cloudflare also is not really slowing down your URL, but instead the problem (as it is dynamic) is the performance/responsetime of the origin server.

How can i solve this?

Maybe first tell us how this site is set up?
And what does it do, where is the request beeing processed?

Since this is an API I assume you don’t want these requests to be cached,

Where is your origin hosted? and what PoP are you reaching when you visit

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