Cloudflare generating unnecessary search queries


Viewing my page tracking, every time a search is carried out on my site, Cloudflare is tracking or generating unnecessary search strings?

For example: There are about 50 of these per one search query or webpage .

IP Addresses are showing that these queries are coming from Cloudflare.

Search.aspx?k=Hotel&pcodelink=DL11%206US&pcodelink=SO23%207HL&pcodelink=DA6%208NP&pcodelink=CB8%207BT 9/26/2018 11:39:34 AM

Search.aspx?k=Hotel&pcodelink=DL11%206US&pcodelink=SO23%207HL&pcodelink=DA6%208NP&pcodelink=DA6%208NP 9/26/2018 11:39:39 AM

Anyone got any ideas as to why these are occurring?



What makes you think they are from Cloudflare?

To be honest just wondered.

I paused Cloudflare but still showing, I am now assuming they are from my side.

They do look quite site specific in my opinion, hence the question. They are probably some of the search parameters.

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