Cloudflare generating error without SSL on Chrome

I am seeing this error happening in the last 40 days, but recently it got even more frequent.

I have a website that I cant allow HTTPS (not even Flexible), so I made SSL as OFF in Cloudflare dashboard. However, everytime I try to access this website using Chrome I see the error “ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS”. On Firefox everything works just fine. The error only happens on latest version of Chrome.

Take this domain as example:

If you try to access it using Chrome (latest) you will probably see the error.

Dont worry, I double checked my page rules (there is absolute none), I double checked all configurations, my server is not making any redirect, I already purged all cache… This is a problem with Cloudflare and latest version of Chrome.

This problem is not specific to the domain above, I have customers complaining about this error for about 40 days and it looks random, sometimes Chrome shows error, sometimes not… If I enable FLEXIBLE SSL, the error goes away.

I think there is some serious problem happening here… I believe most people wont face this problem because most people use SSL (wheter FULL or Flexible) but in some particular cases, I cant enable SSL and this error is happening every time more frequently.

Searching on Google for this problem and filtering the results from May to today, there are plenty of people reporting the same problem and in all those cases people gave up trying to have some help because the responses were always like “clear your cache”, “why cant you use ssl?”, “its a problem with your computer”…

I really hope some person working on CF could take a serious look at this because everytime I had this problem, I moved the DNS away from CF and the problem goes away in a few hours.

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