Cloudflare generates bots?

I found that Cloudflare generates bots. Many bots.
Watch this screenshot.
On the left side, only bots (no real visitors). In right side, I changed DNS from Cloudflare to my server.

That’s a very pretty graph. What do any of the bars represent and what is it from?


This number of bots for every day.

As measured by?


Yandex Metrika, it’s like Google Analytics

The tool is likely misinterpreting proxied requests or health checks from Cloudflare. If it provides the ability to drill in you can review the specific requests or you may need to contact the creator of the tool.


No. I see same results in GA.
Thousands 1 second visits.

It’s absolutely definitely bots, and absolutely the reason is Cloudflare.

The bot visits occurred while Cloudflare was enabled. It does not follow that Cloudflare was the source of the bots.

Review your analytics. If configured correctly and they support that level of detail it will provide you the source of the requests.


Strange conclusion. The bots came when Cloudflare was enabled. I’m not saying it’s Cloudflare’s fault. I’m saying it’s the cause of the bots. It’s probably due to a shared IP with other sites. Since not all my sites that run on Cloudflare have this problem.

But the fact is, when Cloudflare is enabled, lots of bots come in.

Still having this problem.
I tested again. Disabled Cloudflare and traffic halved.
I checked it in Google Analytics.
Each time I disable Cloudflare bots gone.
I added WAF rules:
(http.user_agent eq "") - Block
( or (http.user_agent eq "Mail.RU_Bot") - Skip
( eq "T1") or (cf.threat_score gt 0) or (ip.src in $bad_ip) or (not ssl) or (not http.request.version in {"HTTP/1.2" "HTTP/2" "HTTP/3" "SPDY/3.1"}) or (http.request.uri contains "administrator") - Managed Challenge
(http.referer eq "") - Managed Challenge

Not helps…

@lipatovroman I’m new to cloudflare and a noob in general. So these are meant to help me learn, not dispute what you are doing or saying.

Your first post you say you ‘changed DNS from cloudflare to my server’. Meaning you changed your name servers from Cloudflare’s to a different name server?

What Cloudflare plan are you using for this domain? I’m on the free level and they don’t let you change the name servers away from cloudflare’s?

Cloudflare can proxy your site, right? Is that on? Are those ‘bots’, cloudflare’s servers checking out your site to cache it? (again, I’m a noob… proxy is different than cache?) How big is your website? tens of thousands of hits to your site? At some point the bots give up / hit all the pages of the site? But yeah, not seeing that? Although there is a drop off and then activity slowly rises.

And the last post, you said you disabled cloudflare. Disabled / change the name servers? Disabled proxy?

Can you see the website logs about where the ‘bots’ are coming from? Same IP? all over the world? What are they accessing? the same login page? Or hitting every page (ie caching the site?).

If you are using Cloudflare registrar to purchase your domain, you cannot change your nameservers away from Cloudflare no matter what plan you use. Even when using another registrar, changing your nameservers away from Cloudflare nameservers results in the domain no longer using any Cloudflare services unless it is using a Partial (CNAME) setup on a Business or Enterprise subscription.
Thanks! Yeah, I remembered how I was using my company domain as name servers for client domains - ns1 mydomain com and would have to give that up to buy from Cloudflare. I realized those nameservers mean nothing to clients / they never see that

Actually, I think I saw custom name servers CAN be done at a higher level plan? But not if they are the registrar? Just as well I got past that miniscule ego trip of ‘my own name servers’…

Consistent branding is more valuable than simply being a

You can create custom nameservers on Business and Enterprise subscriptions. If you create an agency setup you can use those nameservers in tenant across multiple accounts.