Cloudflare gateway / warp blocks spotify connect without logs

Hello, I’m on the latest BETA from Cloudflare WARP

I’ve been using Cloudflare for teams (Zero trust) in our corporate account since december
I’m using Spotify to listen to music on my external speakers using Spotify connect.

Since few weeks/days (tbh I don’t recall when), when WARP is on Spotify won’t connect to any speaker using Spotify Connect (playing music on local speaker is possible).

When I turn off WARP, Spotify can connect and play music on those speaker.
As soon as I recconnect, Spotify client looses the status (playback continues on the speaker, but on the client, where WARP runs, it shows that no music is playing)

When I check the Cloudflare logs both on DNS/Network or HTTP for my user NOTHING is blocked and spotify is allowed. No logs shows that anything is blocked.

How to troubleshoot something when there is no log showing that the connection is blocked ? Is it on WARP / Cloudflare end ?

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Thank you,

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