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I am testing Cloudflare gateway for the team (free plan at the moment). I am interested in how I should set up the IP address in Location when I have in the office Fortigate with Two ISP and sd-wan service? Rules in Fortigate forward traffic to two ISP. I’m afraid that currently only one of my ISP is protected (I can add only one public IP in the Location). Any suggestion?

I am interested also in how can I protect my remote workers? They are work from home and many times from different locations. Can I set up rules which can mark my remote workers without configuring their public IP address?

Create multiple locations e.g. Corporate-ISP1 and Corporate-ISP2 or upgrade to a plan which supports multiple IPs/ ranges per location.

This can be done using the Warp client.

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cscharff Thanks for your answers.
But I can’t find information on which plan support manually adding the IP address in Location. I found only this info: Zero Trust Services Plans & Pricing. In my free plan, the IP address is automatic added to the location. How does it look like in the standard plan?

@z.noszka if you scroll all the way down on the same pricing link, you can have a side by side comparison of all plans and features you are looking for. I believe editable IP addresses is a feature that’s available on Gateway Enterprise plan.

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