Cloudflare Gateway still reveals the real ip adress

In the recent blog post Cloudflare announced that warp will now hide the real ip adress and will show an ip frlm Cloudflare, but with gateway it still reveals my real ip, is this normal? Or will Gateway recieve these changes too

Somebody from Cloudflare already answered. Yes, not clear why they contradict each other.

I don’t know the absolute truth either, and I have also seen conflicting statements but I would like to point out the person you quoted there isn’t from Cloudflare (at least not at the present time) and their message is not an official indication of anything.

Some of the source of the “Websites will soon stop seeing my IP” likely stems from the following discussion on Discord (Only the most important messages are shown here):




There are more messages if you join Cloudflare Developers and check from and in

The referenced blog is less clear about this matter, but touches on the Geolocation part:

Note: I am not a Cloudflare employee either, I am just making sure we’re all on the same page here by providing additional context from Discord.


Thanks for this info! I wish I had time to use Discord :slight_smile:

Maybe we need to wait a little longer for these changes to roll out.

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Do you mean if I visit and I will still see my IP address even if I’m using WARP?

Yes, thats what i mean :slight_smile:

@cf_michael do you have any news to this? Since i still have an 8… IP