Cloudflare Gateway Pricing

Hi there, we are trying to set up Cloudflare Teams.

We can see that Access has 5 free seats. But Setting up Gateway, it’s not that clear.

I see here that there is a free version but when setting up our account we are not prompted to choose a plan.

What is exactly the pricing for this?

UPDATE: I’m aware of this but not interested just yet

I don’t believe there is pricing for Gateway just yet. There is only the free version right now.

All I can think now is that it’s free, but also an enterprise version only by reaching support.

On the other hand CF now offers 500 seats for Teams due to COVID-19. I guess these seats are meant for Access??

They are, exactly.

edit I know there will be a Pro version, not sure pricing wise.

Well, there is an Enterprise version of Gateway available and the version just announced for pay-as-you-go customers where the free version is currently online.

There will be other versions perhaps more appropriate for people who are afraid of things like :spider: or have users in a number of locations or who need additional super features :superhero: that are so :top: secret I haven’t even thought of them yet.

But as you use what’s released today we’d love your feedback on what works well, what could be clearer and features you might like to see.

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