Cloudflare Gateway Policy Not Blocking Any Categories

I am doing a POC of Cloudflare for teams. I added my network (default) and applied content and security policies to it. However, I am still able to perform a successful DIG to adult websites and malware sites. DIG shoes NOERROR. I gave a 48 hours and still no change. Flushed DNS also.

Sure, but does it return an actual IP address?

Hello and thank you in advance for answering. Yes, it does also return an IP address.

It’s working for me. Are you sure you have your Location set properly?

I can redo my location again and see what happens.

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So I went through the setup multiple times and it still does not block the categories I selected. I can view all the traffic it allowed but it does not block anything. When I do a DIG on my machine it always resolves against but does not if I do a DIG using

Have you tested from a different machine? Are you sure the NIC doesn’t have a different DNS setup than the default (assuming the rest of the network is DHCP)?

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Hello Freitasm, I was able to use another machine and got the same results. I tested both wired and wireless as well. Not sure what the issue is but I am continuing to troubleshoot. What is weird is when I perform a dnsleaktest it shows cloud flare DNS IPs.

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