Cloudflare Gateway free?

Hello good afternoon!!!
I wanted to see if Cloudflare Gateway after everything related to COVID-19 ends, is going to continue to be free for home environments.

I also wanted to see if you are thinking of a solution for people who have dynamic ip since this is what happens in most home connections.

Greetings and thanks!!!

Gateway will stay free, Teams will not. It might be extended but it’s unclear.

Gateway has a free tier where we wanted to make sure even small businesses, teams and households who cannot afford expensive security solutions can use Cloudflare Gateway to protect themselves from security threats on the Internet.

Yes, that’s an issue. AFAIK there’s currently no solution to update the IP automatically. According to the API docs, there’s no API for Gateway right now.

But you can use the DoH addrress and configure your browsers accordingly. It’s unique and works independent from your IP address. If it’s all about content filtering to protect your kids you might want to try for Families