Cloudflare GateWay Free Plan

I dont have any payment option to add. How can i get this free plan?

You still need to add a payment method although you are subscribing to Free plan, but they won’t charge you.


Can you please activate this free plan for me? Because i dont have payment options to add. :sob::sob::sob:

Sorry, I’m just a regular user like you - not a Cloudflare employee.

Even though I tag @Laurie but I don’t think they can allow you to subscribe to Free plan without a payment method.

With it looking less likely you can activate Gateway, what is it about Gateway that you’re trying to use? Maybe there’s another option.

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I want to use Gateway to override domains. Blocking domains which contains (ADS) and other things.

Other than the Deceptive Ads category, there’s no ad blocking. As you say you can’t enter a payment method, you’ll have to look for other options. Have you thought about using a browser plugin instead?

Even with the Cloudflare GateWay Free Plan, you must have a payment method on file within your account.


I can’t :pray:t2::sob:

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