Cloudflare Gateway Error: Bad Request 400, but only for a certain device

I’m using Zero Trust with the warp client on several of my devices and the cloudflared service on servers on a few networks so I can access those networks remotely, but today, one of the devices, a MacBook, can’t reach any of the services on the networks. I just get a Cloudflare Gateway Error page. But on another device, an iPhone, I can reach them just fine.

Both are using the Warp client with Zero Trust, cloudflared is running fine on the servers, access tunnels seem ok, but for some reason the mac just gets 400 errors.

This is too specific to debug on a community thread, best served by Cloudflare support.
Best I can suggest is quite vague therefore:

  • make sure the WARP client is up to date
  • re-enroll the device into the Zero Trust team