Cloudflare gateway - Certificate is missing although I already installed it in trusted root authority

Hello community,
I have a trouble with Cloudflare zero trust (Cloudflare gateway) regarding the certificate missing as screenshot.
I did installed it in the right location as stated in docs for developer. But it pop up that error in the warp app client and does not allow me to browse the internet. The code returns when browsing is HTTP error code 500
I did research on the internet already but there is no helpful information for this issue.
Please support if you guys have a resolution for this.
I am a personal user not a company. And this issue only happens when turn on TLS decryption feature on dashboard settings to Inspect encrypted HTTP traffic from enrolled devices and Antivirus filter as well.

You need to install it AND trust it. Reread the instructions and make sure you complete all of the steps.

Hi cscharff,
I am using windows and I did every step carefully, I don’t see which step trust the certificate, only install it into root trusted authorites. Could you please point to that step for me? Thank you cscharff