Cloudflare gatewatty not keeping router ipadress

the Cloudflare gateway not keeping the router ip address causing slow downs across the network
you have readd the ip address many times a day .this has been a major problem for over month now

Do you mean the Source IP Address associated with a Gateway location? Is the public IP of your network dynamic?

yes it dynamic this issue show up over month ago i reported many times i also tried on older asus ac86 & asus ax88u both wont keep the router ip adress for the location i believe it gateway issue my internet is working fine

If your network supports IPv6, use the IPv6 resolvers for the Gateway location instead of IPv4. The IPv6 resolver addresses are unique to your location.

The IPv4 resolver addresses are anycast and shared across accounts. Therefore, the source IPv4 address needs to be set in the location’s configuration.

If you’re an Enterprise user, you can ask Cloudflare to provision dedicated IPv4 resolver addresses for your location. Otherwise, you’d need to ensure that the source IPv4 address of your Gateway location is up-to-date. You could also check with your ISP if you can get yourself a dedicated IP for your connection so that it doesn’t change. That’s what I did for my home Gateway location.

Aside from that, if your router supports it, you could use DoH or DoT. DoH/DoT hostnames are unique, and Gateway will identify the location based on its hostname.

DNS resolver IPs and hostnames · Cloudflare Zero Trust docs

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my ip6 support not there i have 1 gb cable account this has worked well for past 2 years since signed for gateway i know some isp are blocking Cloudflare on there networks unless rogers who supply service to third party

yes the source ip in this on my router only setup on my wan on my asus ac 86 recently there not keeping the ip address for now am only using 1 location

the lost of the gateway ip address is still a recurring isse

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