Cloudflare function to access blocked Cloudflare pages

Following up on Rate limiting pages access, which was my first post here, and I’ve been trying to digest it since. Now, supposed that I have:

  • set up access to have blocked all requests to my Cloudflare page project A
  • created a Cloudflare project B that has some functions

Is it possible to:

  • access blocked Cloudflare pages of project A from project B’s functions?
  • redirect from project B’s pages to blocked project A’s pages?
  • setup a rate limiting rule to rate limiting access to project B’s functions, to, say, once per second?


There are Access bypass methods you can enable, if you are able to implement one of those (which is pretty easy to do) you can do it.

Redirecting, unless you share the bypass tokens (which are static, problematic) is a no from my point of view. You could proxy those pages through the new project, but it wouldn’t be the same.

That’s just a normal rate limiting rule, so yes if you use a custom domain. You need to filter the paths correctly, but that’s just configuration.

Links to


The best bet, for me, would be these.

Look around either the Zero Trust dashboard or the developer docs, there are others.

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Ohh~~~. So I can not rate limit the domain, even it is built with functions, only with my own custom domain, right?

Exactly, you need to use the custom domain, you don’t have control over

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