Cloudflare Full Strict not Working!

I have generated an Origin Certificate from Cloudflare and installed in Cpanel. I also have purchased $5 certificate and then made “Full SSL Strict” now it is showing 526 error.
Please help me.

My website -

Did you revert to a Full setting? It is working for me.

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Changed to “Full” now working because cannot keep my site down for a long time.

But I installed Cloudflare Origin Certificate successfully in CPanel.

Still :frowning:

You should probably try opening the origin bypassing CF to check if the certificate is actually installed correctly, it could be that is the issue (and normally is).

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I did one thing

I removed “Full Strict” then deleted certificate in cpanel.
Then issued new and installed.
Activated now.

Can you check is it loading?

Working now, you reset it to Full (strict)?


But the reason I did all these to make sure Feedvalidator .org is fetching my feed.

They still show ssl handshake error :frowning: :frowning_face:

Would you mind giving me the link to the feed?

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I won’t be minding anything. I need help. I am a non-tech guy and totally into this from last 24 hours!!!

Feedvalidator link:

I believe the issue is with them, they use SSLv3 which is being discontinued because it’s not secure (in the least, you should disable it as soon as possible as Cloudflare did). The error is actually good for you.

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Am I using it?

How this site, using Cloudflare Certificate getting pass Feed Validator:

No you are not.

I have three ideas:

  1. you are using TLS 1.3 which could be causing issues with their server.
  2. you have IPv6 active.
  3. you are on a Free plan, which enables only SNI support for SSL which is most likely the most probable cause.

Not to worry though, the vast majority of people have SNI support. If it doesn’t work there it doesn’t mean that it isn’t actually working. That website is old.

Use this: W3C Feed Validation Service, for Atom and RSS

Let me brief you, My android guy was trying to fetch the feed in Android Studio which led to this.

There was error in parsing feed.

He does not know what to do, I don’t know what to do.

Your points:

  1. I am using TLS 1.0 Default
  2. I have active IPv6
  3. I am using $5 Cloudflare Certificate from past few hours.

My main issue is fetching feed in Android Studio!! :frowning_face:

It doesn’t seem an error on you end, won’t go in the feed details as this is not the place and I am not an expert in that. But this works:

If the error is in the parsing there is something on the code that fails somewhere…

Thanks for your help! I really appreciate. I will let you know if I solve it.

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