Cloudflare Full SSL multiple domains same server

When I add Cloudflare origin certificate to one website on the same server and click the orange cloud (full ssl) for the single website it turns on SSL for all the websites on the same server (sounds great) however if I have a html file or robots.txt file on the website I applied SSL on it also serves the same file across all the websites on the same server.

/robots.txt (applied Full SSL)

If I go to any of these URL’s in the browser all the robots.txt files look the same, even though I know the files are different on the server for each website.

I’m running a LEMP server Ubuntu Bionic.

I don’t have this same issue with letscrypt but would prefer to use cloudflare.




Allow me to doubt that :slight_smile:

The certificate does not determine how the web server routes/handles requests internally. Your issue sounds as if your (virtual) host setup of your web server configuration is somehow broken.

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