Cloudflare Frontpage

I noticed while using Cloudflare that the Login Mechanic can be a bit unintuitive at times.

When I am at the Landing Page and am not reading, I believe that the big orange button is the Sign Up button and the small button next to it is a Sign In Button. Which is made stronger by the fact that below the Sign-Up button is actually orange.

But what is most confusing is the page I get to once I press Sign Up by accident, instead of Sign in. It still looks and feels like a sign in page due to the similar minimalistic input you have to give.

I made that mistake now multiple times and would suggest to change it slightly to improve intuitivity.

This is just a small suggestion though!

I think this is the same issue

but ya, the UI isn’t great. Before I bookmarked the dashboard, I also ended up clicking the sign up button instead of logging in.