Cloudflare frequently returning incomplete files to browsers


This issue can be tracked here: Cloudflare Status - Blank Pages being displayed for some customers

Just to add, I’m noticing specifically that my js files are loading a different size every time I reload the page.

After 6 hours of being down, we found the issue with CloudFlare. By passed the services and went directly to out server IP’s. We then went in and turned off the Proxy selection in CloudFlare and access returned.

We are a PHP shop. We reverted changes with GIT and studied issues. We stumbled across the problem. Once we had determined the issue, CloudFlare announced the outage.


I’m having a similar issue again… Around 3PM EST today sites hosted with KnownHost & use the Cloudflare proxy - work slow or don’t fully load. Disabling the proxy with Cloudlfare resolves the issue. However, I do want to use the proxy.

Please check your site, and see if you are effected too, or maybe it’s just my websites…

Same here. It’s only returning a part of my js and css files, which causes syntax errors :confused:

If you are still encountering this issue, can you give a like to this post?

Just click on the :heart: :arrow_down: and if you are able, please share the site name

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It’s getting better (as reported on the CF status page). I had to flush the cache of my websites for the problem to disappear, though.

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Recently my client’s site (Drupal 7) began exhibiting broken AJAX behaviours (i.e., lists not filtering on AJAX form submit button or autosubmit). Before today, they were working fine and no changes to the CloudFlare settings have been made. This behaviour appeared on both and, but was not on my development system. When I disabled the proxying, the problem was resolved.

I tried to pinpoint a particular Optimization setting (e.g., Brotli compression, JS caching) but even with all of them disabled on, it still displays this issue. It seems only by disabling the proxy altogether will it work. How do I work around this problem, given that the proxy feature and protection is the main reason for having CloudFlare. Thanks!

It’s probably this:

I can see it’s getting better, but oh man, do I have to go and purge cache for ALL of my sites? That’s going to be super annoying…

working fine for me now

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I’m still getting the same issue (unexpected end to js and other files) and the page isn’t loading properly for my website. I tried purging cache but the issue persists.

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Can you share the site name? The fix has rolled out but if you’re still seeing the issue after clearing cache, let support AT cloudflare DOT com know. Sorry for the trouble.

Hi, it’s or

I’ll send an email to support. Thanks!

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seems to have indeed been fixed, my cache in the browser was stale, i had to restart the entire browser to make certain scripts work again with cloudflare.

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Thanks, went through the thread this was merged into and it looks like it’s a known issue that will (hopefully) be resolved.

This is still an issue for me. Cloudflare says they put in a fix for it?!?!

Have you purged both the Cloudflare cache and your browser cache?

I purged browser caches, but not Cloudflare. It must just be taking a while to propagate. Sometimes pages work, sometimes they don’t. Hopefully it will stabilize soon.

From what people were saying above, it seems like Cloudflare actually cached the broken responses, so their cache must also be purged to fix it.