Cloudflare frequently returning incomplete files to browsers

Same issue here.
From my testing, using content-type of text/html or text/plain returns only the first 10.6k bytes (sometimes more) of the actual content. Not setting the content-type header causes a blank response to be returned, while setting it to video/mp4 with appropriate content-length fixes the issue completely, though this workaround can only be applied to api endpoints, not browser-rendered endpoints.

just to add to this chain, we are having same issues across quite a few of our sites (13 of them, restaurant related). I’ve bypassed cloudflare on one site and works just fine, but obviously this is not ideal.

I have exactly the same issue, I needed to desactivate the proxy to fix the issue. I keeped the Cloudflare proxy on this url for test :, ~50% of the time a blank page is showed instead of the content. I have this error from Brazil, and also from France.

Same here - 2.2MB JS file is being truncated at 1.3MB.

Same here :raised_hand:

Suddenly all our clients’ sites routed via cloudflare have css messed up. This was working fine untill today.

Same here, if I switch my ssl from full to flexible it made a few of my sites work, others it made them redirect indefinitely until the browser throws the redirect error. Otherwise just a blank page.

Thank you for alerting us to this issue, an incident has been opened and we are investigating. I’ll update here when I hear about a fix. Or, bookmark and check for updates.

This issue has been identified and a fix is being implemented


Today all websites from one of our servers are returning a blank white page. This only occurs when a Cloudflare proxy is active.

We had the cPanel plugin installed (, removed the plugin today, restarted the server, but did not help.

Any thoughts are much appreciated

Most likely is this: Cloudflare Status - Blank Pages being displayed for some customers

Watch that incident for a fix to be deployed

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Having weird issues with SSL certificates. All domains experiencing blank pages when going to them. Only thing that worked was disabling the proxy and SSL. Now reverted back to using let’s encrypt certificates on the server.

There is a know issue at present. Follow this thread for updates:

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I’ve been using Cloudflare for sometime now with no issues.

I can see they are going through planned maintenance as we as we speak.

However, all my sites are showing a white screen and then sometimes when reloading, they then load, then when reloading again, they go white again. Literally a blank screen on around 150 sites!

I run a lot of them through Cloudflare’s own origin server (SSL) and some through lets encrypt (SSL) and they seem o be doing the same thing.

I’ve heard a couple of other companies are experiencing the same issues.

They are using UKFAST hosts and Cloudflare as DNS.

I’m hoping it will be sorted by morning but through I’d see of any others are experiencing the same on here as not sure how to contact support when using free version of CF.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Known as like “White Screen of Death”?

Have you tried debugging, PHP maybe?
Or temporarly disabling / Pausing Cloudflare for at least one of them and re-check if the issues is still persistent?

I believe there are two possible ways:

Could it be releated to this topic → Cloudflare frequently returning incomplete files to browsers ?

This is a general issue affecting a lot of users. Check this topic: Cloudflare frequently returning incomplete files to browsers - #16 by homebarista

We saw the same thing across dozens of sites… the hot fix for us was to change the SSL/TSL from “Full” to “Flexible” and clear the cache… Looks like CF might have broken something today in their fix for the provisioning outage this AM?

Thanks! That avoids the problem I was seeing. :1st_place_medal:

I am getting the same problem for one of my sites.
I am getting a white page as well. Tried to clean cache, enable Dev. Mode, didn’t help.
Only when I Paused Cloudflare for my site and waited about 5 minutes, I was able to get to the website…

Not sure if it is related, but I can see a “minor service outage” message… my site serves white pages, not sure how minor is that…

Thanks everyone for your help and confirming it’s not just me. Really appreciated!

I’m hoping I’ll wake up in the morning and all will be fixed… however it’s alarming it’s not picked up on their status page. Is there anyway any of you can ensure CF find out about this and look for a fix?

We don’t use rocket loader so this shouldn’t be affected so currently it doesn’t looks like Cf have picked up the issue.

Can anyone help them to see this and fix ASAP so I don’t wake up to a shed load of emails a d calls from my customers :man_facepalming:t3:

Thanks again

It has now been identified on CF status page so hopefully should be sorted soon.

Fingers crossed