Cloudflare Free SSL issue with .monster domain

Hi. I have a domain with .monster TLD. when I enable Universal SSL, free SSL stays at Pending Validation and never changed. tried to search the community and tested some solutions (including enable/disable Universal SSL and fixing DNSSEC) but none of them works.

Is there any limitation with TLDs for free SSL or domain name length (mine is 58 characters without tld)?

p.s: Certificate Authority is Let’s Encrypt

What is the domain?

I’d rather not to share my domain name

You can put the domain in here…

It may tell you what the problem is, or I’ll be able to see the domain and can take a look.

most tests were ok except this one

should I look for something specific in results?

Yes, your first hint was right, your domain name is too long. Yours is 66 characters long including the dot and TLD, but the common name for an SSL certificate is limited to 64.


ok thank you for the help

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