Cloudflare Free SSL certificates Problem

Hi, I am from India.I bought WordPress hosting through GoDaddy hosting services.And used Cloudflare’s free SSL certificates.The problem is when I changed nameservers in GoDaddy the website has got SSL certificates but my website’s changed, as shown in following image.

Before adding SSL certificates it used to be normal(I am new to this and I have limited to only one image so could show you another image)
It’s definitely Cloudflare settings issue.because when I removed my SSL certicates, everthing is normal.
I even changed themes of my website nothing worked.
So, please help me with this issue…

Looking forward for your reply …

In the previous post i have showed you an image of how my website is changed after adding SSL certificates.But i did’t show you how my website is before adding my SSL certificates.The image is shown here.

Please help me…

You still need a certificate on your server and you currently dont have one.

This is almost certainly a mixed content issue. A search of the forums or teh Googles will provide more information on how to resolve.

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