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I have read somewhere on an old post written by users from 2017 that Cloudflare was free to use for enterprises, but didnt found anything related on cloudflare, so to be sure, can Cloudflare domain free plans be used for enterprises?

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If you mean whether the free plan is off-limits for companies, then no, you can run a commercial page on a free plan as well. Just make sure you follow the terms of services.


My question was about if it was possible to use a commercial pages on a free plan, so there is no problem right?

There’s no issue with that as long as you stick to the terms of services, particularly when it comes to what kind of data you transfer (should be mostly HTML, if you use the service mostly for non-HTML content Cloudflare might suspend your account if you exceed certain limits).

Those free plans would be just to set non proxys for non http services and proxys for a few webpages.

Non-HTTP services will have to be unproxied anyhow as Cloudflare won’t proxy other services. If the proxied services are regular websites then you shouldn’t have issues.

Can you be more precise about “regular” websites?

What’s unclear about it?

Services that run HTTP or HTTPS with few predefined (supported) ports:


Thanks guys!

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