Cloudflare(free plan) Blocks customer from posting reviews with photos

Hi everyone,
I’m a WordPress developer and one of my plugin allows customers to include photos in their reviews of a WooCommerce product. The problem is that Cloudflare blocks all reviews if customers attach images in their reviews and this prevent our plugin from working correctly.

I’ve been following this topic for a while and a man from Cloudflare team says that “You could try a page rule to disable WAF completely for that URL, on a paid plan you could also disable that specific rule I believe.” i see from this is that you can only change this if you use a paid plan. What’s about people who use a free plan? That topic was closed without clarifying this.

So what i want to know is that: is there any way free plan users can do so that their customers are not blocked when they leave reviews with photos.

Thank you and best regards.

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