Cloudflare Free Managed Ruleset activation on free accounts?

I don’t have access to the Cloudflare Free Managed Ruleset on my free account, is there any specific action to do to get it enabled ?

I just get this web page :


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You need to upgrade.

If I upgrade it’s not a Free Plan anymore (Pro) and the Cloudflare Free Managed Ruleset if for Free Plan customers, or do I miss something ?

The rules are on and running for free accounts. Management, additional rules and custom actions require a paid plan.

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This is not what is indicated on this blog (see screenshot below). We are supposed to have control on this Free WAF Managed Rules deployment. What’s happen if we have false positives or if we need to disable it completely :

I concur what is said by @cscharff . Additionally,

from the same blog, read this section as well:

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Thanks @neiljay. So the GUI access will come later and the same for the number of enabled WAF rules (for now it doesn’t seems to protect again basic slqi or xss). So moving to Pro is probably the best option for the short term.


As the doc says: If you are on a free plan, you receive the basic protection. For more configuration, you may need to upgrade.
Here are the relevant docs for further input:

Agree :+1:

Kindly, see my post here with the cite:

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