Cloudflare Free DNS Reliable for hosting Google Workspace DNS?

So we where previously paying for a cPanel Hosting to host our emails, but we where having reliability problems with that setup, so we moved our emails to Google Workspace.

So the question is:
Can we use Cloudflare’s Free DNS Plan to host our Google Workspace MX, A, CNAME, DKIM, SPF, DMARC Records, and maybe a low footprint web page with just our contact info? Or do we need to pick another Paid Plan? So we can ditch our current Hosting provider, since it’s about to expire?

We can use our Domain Registrar DNS Tools for the DNS Records, but I read somewhere that Cloudflare Free Plan DNS was better than most registrars and even better than some Paid DNS competitors. But I want to be sure in it’s reliability since it’s our Business emails.

You can never compare Cloudflare DNS performance and uptime to domain name providers dns.

It’s fast and almost 100% uptime secured.