Cloudflare Free/Basic: GIF Playback Speed is Increased


I’ve begun using Cloudflare at the free/basic level on a new site aimed at archiving certain animated GIF files. This is normally not a big deal but as I am trying to represent these GIFs as they were designed I’ve noticed that with Cloudflare enabled it is slightly compressing the images and, most importantly, playing them back at an increased speed.

I assumed that at the free/basic level no image manipulation would be done but apparently something is changing the images. I have gone through the available settings and haven’t found anything related to image optimization that I didn’t already have turned off (brotli compression being the only one that really stood out).

Can anyone confirm if this behavior can be controlled, either at the free/basic level or by adding on something like the Images plan? Thanks for the help!

Can you share more information? As much of the following information as you can share is helpful.

  1. The domain is, it’s also reproducible on our other domains. I am the owner of these domains and sites.
  2. The expected results would be that animated GIF files are played back at the speed they were created and without compression.
  3. I have only found that bypassing Cloudflare (by pausing or going into Developer mode) alleviates the playback issue. No compression or image optimization options are currently turned on for this domain.
  4. I can attempt to record a video of the issue but it is not something that can be shown in a screenshot.
  5. There are no error messages.
  6. Have not contacted Cloudflare Customer Support

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