Cloudflare fraudulently stole $ 200!

I paid the tariff Business for $ 200, the service gave me NS-servers that are blocked in Russia and and instead of acceleration and protection, I got a site that is not possible to open in Russia! 6 hours I communicated with different employees of technical support: one said that the problem on a hosting, others that the problem at me in the head and only when I showed trace to the domain they recognized that the problem in domains in NS-servers of Cloudflare!

After that, they said that their service works, and the fact that Russia blocks some domains is not their concern and they can not replace the names of the servers, and said that they have more than a million servers, and I just had bad luck… After another hour of negotiations, they offered to create a new account and hope that this time I will come across other servers that will work! About $ 200 were silent… Another 30 minutes and the Manager said that you can reset the rate to FREE, money back, and then again to take the BUSINESS I asked the money on the card will be back in 2-3 days, and the site need to work now, but he assured me that the money is not back on the card and will hang in the system until I activerow new tariff…

After I returned to the tariff FREE money …just disappeared! When trying to buy again BUSINES he tried again to write off the card 200$ well that the card was only 192$! Otherwise I would have lost $ 400!!! At the same time, there is no opportunity to communicate with technical support on the FREE tariff and there is nowhere to write about it!!! That’s the kind of leader CloudLIAR!

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I see the transcript of your conversations with the Support Engineers from a few minutes ago and understand they’re working with you on the issues of IPs blocked in Russia. No one here can see your account to offer assistance and your best bet is to continue the discussions with Billing Support.