Cloudflare forward me to others, Namecheap & dreamhost forward to CF. One week still unsolved

Original question;
I want my Shopify name be [www petzonnet com](http://www petzonnet com/). My existing www petzonnet com is a amazon clickbank Affiliate site now. That one I want to subdomain or what its called to for example www shop petzonnet com www shop petzonnet com/. My shopify store is now dsurved c o m
The reason i want to shift is that i going to end dsurved and start a pet product store instead, so Petzonnet fits better

I’m not quite clear what configuration you’re aiming for. I see you mention two domains: petzonnet and dsurved.

Those would be two separate zones in your Cloudflare account. If you’re renaming your Shopify store, you’ll pretty much be starting from scratch on the new zone in your Cloudflare account.

My only recommendation is to not use ‘www’ in front of the ‘shop’ subdomain as it’s unnecessary and burdensome.

What do you have set up at Shopify so far?


So you’d want to change your www record to whatever Shopify tells you to set it to in Cloudflare’s DNS.

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Thank you guys for answering me. This chatservice do not allow newbies to attach more webadresses, thats why it looked bad and uncomplete due to i had to erase one adress after another just to be able to post.
I want two “petzonnet” adresses. 1 for the Shopify store and 1 for the WP affiliate site. As I cant have 2 with exactly the same url`s, i was recommended to put shop or blog for example in front of petzonnet affiliatesite as a sub domain.
In my case Shopify store is the main thing to be properly named But i have no knowledge in creating sub domains or to be straight, dont have a clue how to set up anything actually.

I have namecheap Cloudflare AND dreamhost. This feel of course confusing mailing back and forth with 4 different sources (even WPress w. no real support), but i got instructions to choose Namecheap instead of Dreamhost from my “fiverr expert”, otherwise it did not work he said. he had tried.

You can ignore Namecheap in all this, as Cloudflare is handling your DNS.

You’ll have to settle on something, based on what’s most important. If you want the store to be the most important, then have Shopify set it up as, then have Dreamhost set up your blog as

I’m pretty sure Shopify will tell you to create a CNAME called ‘www’ (no quotes) that points to something like This is your top priority for now.

Dreamhost will want an “A” record for ‘blog’ with the IP address of your Dreamhost server.


Thank you very much !

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