Cloudflare forces HTTPS but I have Force HTTPS off

I have been attempting to do something which requires me to use HTTP protocol rather than HTTPS, and I can’t because Cloudflare forcefully redirects me to HTTPS, I have been turning everything off and ensured that I prevented all the SSL settings from doing this, but it just continues to do it. I have ensured that this isn’t forced due to my server by attempting to connect to the website from the previous domain I use for development and the server IP, and it completely allows HTTP.

Cloudflare allows/supports HTTP and HTTPS.

A couple possibilities: First, your origin server could be redirecting to HTTPS. Second, if you previously used HSTS, your browser will remember and refuse to use HTTP, but other connections will work fine.

What exactly are you trying to do and where is it failing?

The origin server has been dealt with as I assured this is not the case, and the point of failure is just trying to connect to the domain. I have even turned off SSL/TLS to see what that would do for me, and even tried to use a new browser but it just won’t let me.

This is the header from when it redirects me to HTTPS:

This isn’t a Cloudflare issue. .dev domains are HTTPS only, as evidenced by the HSTS mention in the response header.

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I completely forgot about this, thank you for reminding me, I should’ve remembered this because I had to deal with this issue in the past.

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