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Hi all,

New to the Cloudflare for Teams (Free Plan)

I am self hosting few applications such as Syncthing and Jellyfin in my home lab server, they are not exposed to the internet, meaning I can not access their portal\login page from internet.

My question is I saw a option in Cloudflare for Teams dashboard under “Access” tab to create Tunnel.

Is it possible to expose my Jellyfin application to the internet if i created this Tunnel from my home lab server to the Cloudflare ?

Thank you.

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Please see as it seems fitting for the use case you’ve described.

Hope this is useful.


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HI Amayorga,

Thank you for sharing the doc this helped.

I have create tunnel from my test raspberry pi which is running docker application file browser.

refer to the screenshot below.

However when I try to access the subdomain to access the file browser application it not working, any idea what wrong I am doing here.

Have you validated and tested your config? Here are instructions (one below the other) on this:

And looking at your browser screen, you’re trying to connect to a regular HTTPS web server that’s listening on Port 443, right?