Cloudflare for TEAMS - Switch Not Shown

I have a user that has used CF for Teams successfully at the hotel he is currently at before. Normally, he turns the switch off for Teams so he can access the hotel captive portal, sign in, and get online. Then Teams connects automatically again.

An issue and situation is below:

Cloudflare for Teams will be installed. It is working great.
The user closes their machine and goes back to their hotel.
They try to connect and they have no internet on the wifi.
They try to hit the Cloudflare for Teams switch to turn it off.
Instead of seeing the switch, they see a site error that says cannot connect to internet.
I check Cloudflare for Teams panel. The device says it is active, but last seen yesterday.
The user that is using the device, I check their user record and its says they are attached to that device.
However, the device is no longer registered to that user. See attached.
At that point, there is no way for the user to get online.
The only way we have found to fix this is to have to user go to an alternate internet source, then we uninstall Cloudflare for Teams.

I’ve tried revoking device access and user access. Neither seem to do anything.
Any ideas?

Hi there!

Instead of switching off the Warp client manually, could you enabled the “Captive portal detection” feature that is available under Team dashboard > Settings > Devices and see if this solves the problems you are encountering?

I should have said that captive portal detection is turned on.

It seems like a bug / issue with Cloudflare. In the panel it will say the user has no devices assigned, but the machine still exists and says it is connected.

This would need debug with logs, could you please submit logs directly from the Warp?

out of curiosity, could you please share the screenshot that you referred in your initial comment, I couldn’t find the attachment.

Using Windows. How can the user generate logs. On Linux I use warp-diag.

In windows, Open C:\Program Files\Cloudflare\Cloudflare WARP in Explorer.
Double click on warp-diag.exe. This will place a on the users desktop

You can attach the files to the support ticket with a brief explanation of the issue