Cloudflare for Teams seat management update

Beginning on September 1, 2021, administrators will be able to remove users from counting against seat limits at any time, rather than waiting for the next calendar month to begin. Administrators will be able to manage this new flexible seat model in the Cloudflare for Teams dashboard.

Today, when a user authenticates to an application protected by Cloudflare Access or enrolls their device into Cloudflare Gateway, the user consumes one seat. The user continues to occupy that seat regardless of the number of applications accessed or login events. Once the total amount of seats in the subscription has been consumed, additional users who attempt to login are blocked. At the beginning of the next calendar month, the seat counter resets to zero.

Going forward, a user who authenticates will hold their seat until the administrator removes the user. Administrators can remove a single user, or all users, at any time and those users will immediately stop counting against the subscription. If a user is removed, and then authenticates once more, they will count as a seat again.

Please let us know here if there are any questions about this change.