CloudFlare for Teams: OTP not being sent to any emails

I am not receiving OTP e-mails for my application. I am using the following rules:



Login Method, OTP


I am not receiving any emails for any addresses I input into my application screen. I have tried whitelisting specific e-mail addresses, whitelisting domains, etc. I briefly received a single authentication e-mail when I whitelisted my personal domain, but thereafter even that e-mail address stopped working. I see my e-mail addresses blocked if I type in a random OTP number, and they then show up on logs. Otherwise, if I simply enter an e-mail, that is not logged anywhere to my knowledge and the service does not mention if an OTP was successfully sent.

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:open_mouth: I didn’t even know that was a thing. Makes me wonder why it’s even there, though I guess it’s pretty cool for accountability.

Have you gotten this to work ever? I use it frequently and have only had one person who wouldn’t get the email. Though I only use the “Groups” feature where I group by IP addresses, domains, and individual email addresses.

So, try creating a “Group” under “My Team” with an “Everybody” and use that instead of a regular Include.

Hm, well it seems like clearing my browser cache (using a private window) seemed to fix the issue. Perhaps there was some stale cookie or local storage identifier that was preventing the site from sending the e-mail request.

Additionally, I switched from the Cloudflare for Teams view to the Cloudflare Access view. I believe that there could be some issues with Cloudflare for Teams as the config from the teams view was showing as erroneous when I saw it in my regular dashboard.


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