Cloudflare for Teams issues

I watched this video:

I am

  • not able to add more locations (I tried adding a second location) (it is asking for purchasing a Pro plan)
  • not able to add IP address of the server as it’s taking my public IP automatically…

Please help.

Also, When I queries “dig” with my native nameserver, the response “MSG SIZE” was 55. But with Cloudflare Gateway, it’s 65. Why is that?

You can try to buy the product version, contact support. Not sure about pricing. Any help @irtefa? The IP limitation isn’t going to be lifted, you can use the DNS-over-HTTPS address to go around it.

Why do you care, actually? Also, not sure, maybe @irtefa can shed some light on this, but it’s not really something to care about. It’s 10 bytes, even with the slowest connection it’s nanoseconds.