Cloudflare for Teams Gatway Service blocking Zoom

I am evaluating Cloudflare for Teams and find that, while it is enabled, it reliably blocks access to Zoom meetings. Except I don’t have any policy that should block Zoom, nor are there any logs showing that Zoom is being blocked. As soon as I change teams to DOH or disable it, the Zoom meeting pops up. Any ideas greatly appreciated.

This could be due to certificate pinning, could you please check if you have TLS decrypt option enabled?
If this is enabled then proceed with creating a new policy, with Selector as “Application” Operation as “in” and Value “Zoom (Do Not Decrypt)”, this is a pre-defined application category.


I can verify that @Sheril_Nagoor answer solves the issue. Had this issue last few weeks and this is the way to instruct Cloudflare Gateway not to terminate the TLS session from their end.


Thank you @Sheril_Nagoor. This did it.

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