Cloudflare for Teams: gateway error Opera Mobile

I couldn’t find a place to raise a ticket for Cloudflare for Teams. The Cloudflare support pages start by asking for a domain but the problem I am seeing is not related to my domains. The support option in the Cloudflare for Teams dashboard only links to community or to a feedback form.

Basically I have my Android client installed, the Cloudflare for Teams SSL certificate installed and all working fine for the last couple of weeks until today when Opera Mobile started showing an error - as if the certificate wasn’t being validated.

Browsing with Chrome Android works fine, as Outlook Android client and other apps. It seems to affect Opera Mobile only. Tried restarting the device, clearing app cache.

If I add Opera Mobile to the excluded apps list it works - but then the HTTP/HTTPS traffic is not filtered and that’s the idea behind Gateway…

Anyone else seeing this?

[Edit: found a “Report a bug” within the app so will use that now]

It just happens that Opera Mobile does not use manually loaded custom certificates on Android so there’s no solution for this.

The workaround is to use Chrome, Edge or other mobile browser.

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