Cloudflare for Teams | DNS filtering | Quotas and Preset Rules

I’ve been investigating Cloudflare for Teams as an alternative to deploying Pi-hole VMs to block certain traffic that is affecting the landlord-provided connectivity in the serviced accommodation where I live.

Two questions:

  1. Is there a limit or quota for the amount of DNS queries that you can make?
  2. Are there preset rules for blocking ‘Hola VPN’ under the Anonymizer category or will I have to identify their domains manually?




I use PiHole in front of Gateway, so it queries a lot of my requests.

  1. Technically, yes:
    Reaching max DNS queries per day
  2. Dunno. You’d have to test categorization at:

Thanks for the response Sdayman.

Where do I get more detail about the exacts regarding Quotas and Limitations of the Gateway service?

Big oops. That wasn’t the link I meant to paste (I’m going to edit my reply). Try this:

Hi Sday,

Thanks for the response.

Looks like this may be a solution for DNS-related filtering but, without further investigation and testing, I am unsure if Hola use direct-to-IP connectivity.

As the implementation would be for an ‘Office user - known location IP’ scenario rather than on-device, when will the L4-7 traffic filtering capability become available (I’m referring to the graphic at the bottom of this page: Cloudflare Gateway | Secure Web Gateway | DNS Filtering | Cloudflare)

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