Cloudflare for Teams chat/email support

The Cloudflare for Teams Standard plan ($7/user/month) includes support via chat and email according to the website. However, if I email to [email protected] or create a support ticket, it gets automatically closed. That account doesn’t have any domains added, it only has a Cloudflare for Teams Standard subscription at the moment. But I didn’t expect to receive an automated response ‘As a Cloudflare customer on our Free plan, you have access to our…’ because I am a paying customer.

Does some other email address exist dedicated to Cloudflare for Teams support?
Where can I find the ‘support via chat’ for my issues related to Cloudflare Gateway?

I have the same issues. I can not find a way to access chat or e-mail support. I can not create a ticket for my Paid Standard Teams account. I have both the domain and the Teams registered. In the Teams Dashboard, there is no “Support” option under the Support tab on the lower left, other than Ask the Community, Developer Docs, and Leave Feedback. Where are we going wrong?

When I use the Dashboard, it tells me things about my Teams Free Plan. yet, when I go to account, I am told I am on the Teams Standard Plan. I think there is a setting error on the Cloudflare end. Someone please help!

Did you try logging out and logging in? I had a similar issue when I upgraded to Standard, the chat didn’t show at all before that.
After that there were at times where the chat vanished, I guess due to many chat requests or general unavailability.

Ah, a Zendesk help chat bubble appears for me on in the right lower corner. However, it doesn’t appear on where I was searching. As brandon16 said, it would be useful if the Teams dashboard support tab on the lower left also links to the chat.
Though that still leaves the question of how to use the email support.

I have just bumped up my initial escalation about this to check about ticketed support. You can always ask via chat for a ticket to be re-opened, for now.

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@matthew5943 @jnperamo sorry for the issues you had here. Right now today I don’t see your account having a Teams paid plan, but if I missed it - let me know. If you do subscribe again - you should get options to open a ticket / chat as appropriate.

For @brandon16 there’s definitely something wrong with what you’re seeing - I have opened a bug internally to investigate this.


I downgraded the plan once we got our issues solved, I was only interested in getting the issues we were facing solved sooner.
Chat worked though, it’s just that sometimes it would take a while to show up and other times, it wouldn’t show up. I assumed it was due to the live chat being overwhelmed at that time.

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I have a similiar situation where I am on a paid plan and no support options are available. Please help.

@serial_founder that is odd - I can see you have raised a ticket about this so we’ll investigate and get back to you on there.