Cloudflare for Teams - access SSH over WARP

I have been trying to set up Cloudflare for Teams for my company. I can connect to machines over SSH by installing cloudflared on my local system.

Is it possible to access SSH using WARP because WARP is also authenticated? A user can sign-in on WARP and whatever resources he is authorized to use can be accessed without using cloudflared.

From what I tried it looks like it is not possible, but I want to make sure that it is not just because I did something wrong in the setup. I cannot find documentation for this so I’m not really sure too.

WARP private network setup is what you need.


Thanks. My team had tried something similar earlier but I’m not very sure if they did similar to the documentation above.
I’ll try this out now.

You can also make the SSH consoles available via the web, with Access in front. You could require WARP for connections in addition to the actual SSO login…

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