Cloudflare for team (Gateway) help me!

I can’t open antivirus scan in Cloudflare for Teams and show an Error configuring HTTP file scanning and how to fix it?

Hi, can you post a screenshot of the behavior you’re seeing or the error?

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I’m also getting the same error.

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I seem to be having the same issue activating this feature and get the following error through the API when doing so
code: 1334
message: “You do not have sufficient flipper flags for this request. teams_ui_alpha_engineering_only flag is needed.”

@Pzimmerman Can you confirm if this feature is available generally or only for select accounts for now?

Hi @kevin.deamandel can you email me you account ID or account tag (in the URL of your teams dash) to [email protected]

What about the rest of us who also said that we are unable to turn it on???

This was a bug caused by a dependency that hasn’t been made generally available yet. We’re in the process of releasing the fix.


Thanks for the update. Are you able to look at another problem that I and some others are having? Not sure if that is a big related problem too?

I fixed the issue by disabling all scanning and turning it back on and partially set back to default.