Cloudflare for SSL with Google Sites (config Q)

I’m using Cloudflare to get SSL for our sites, which are created using Google Sites, Dorik, and HostGator. I can’t get any of them to load (404 errors, etc.). I am a beginner and know I have a config problem with DNS records. Any help is appreciated and, if so, please please please keep it stupid simple. THANKS!!

I’ve added Cloudflare’s documentation to manage your domain’s DNS records below. But the actual records to use will be coming from the respective website host. For both Google Sites and Dork, ensure any A and CNAME records are set to DNS-only (:grey:), and NOT Proxied (:orange:).

If you can provide the addresses of the “sites” in question and the corresponding service you’re using to host the site, I could look over your DNS records for you.

Standing by.

Hi George,
Thank you very much for responding to my post!
I will see if I can make progress and reach out if I need more assistance (which is probable :-/).