Cloudflare for SaaS - root domain of a customer not able to connect to saas provider

I’m using Cloudflare for SaaS for the first time and facing a issue in connecting root domain with, however there is no issue with, it works.

Hostname status and certificate status of and are Active. GoDaddy too have both records pointing to

Refer to below screenshots.

Appreciate any help on this.

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And what is the issue you are facing?

What I can see from your screenshot is that you have not created a record for the apex domain, but only a Wildcard for all subdomains

That * should be an @, but I don’t know if GoDaddy allows CNAME records on the apex.

Error on GoDaddy is Record data is invalid.

How do I request GoDaddy to enable this or this depends on provider to provider ?

CNAME records are generally not supported for the apex of a zone.

Cloudflare allows this by automatically replacing CNAME records with A records, but I guess GoDaddy doesn’t.

You can either move the domain to a different DNS provider that allows apex CNAMEs, only use the www hostname and redirect there from the apex, or you can buy the Apex Proxying addon on Cloudflare (available for Enterprise customers).

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