Cloudflare for SaaS IDN domain

I am using Cloudflare for SaaS and cannot add an IDN domain name to custom hostnames.

When I add the IDN domain name, I get the error message: Internal Server Error (Code: 1500)

What happens if you add the unicode version of the domain instead?

Another error occurs: Custom hostnames with non-ASCII characters are not supported. Please check your input and try again. (Code: 1408)

The 1408 is on this list:

Then again, so is the 1500, but it doesn’t say why. Can you check your browser’s Dev Tools to get more information about that internal servier error (500)? The response itself may include a more helpful message.

I found that this file generated the error


In line 762

            x = x.then(function(u) {
                return w.apply(void 0, t(u))

Well, that didn’t say much more than the dashboard did.Please open a ticket, and post the ticket # here. See if you can also attach a HAR file and Console Log to the ticket, so Support can take a closer look at the request that triggered the 500 error. If you’re on a free plan, pick the Account issue category. It may auto-close, but we can still escalate that ticket # and get it put in the right category.

Thanks for your reply, I’ve opened a ticket: #3275737

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Got it. I’ve escalated the ticket. Tomorrow’s a US and UK holiday, so it may be a day or two before you hear back.


OK, have a great holiday and have a nice day!

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