Cloudflare for saas custom hostname showing pending status only

I am testing out the feature Cloudflare for saas for my customer but it is not working, I am adding the custom hostname to fix the SSL issue then after getting the txt record, and updating it to my domain DNS but it is not working, and showing as pending status.

Hello there,

This simply means: waiting for the configuration from other end. May I suggest you to get start again with this?

Hello @neiljay, from the other end host is configured properly and it is working when we request http but it is not working in https and showing error ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH due to showing pending status in custome hostname screen

You may need to check this guide:

Would you share the shot here?

You can see SS

@neiljay Do you have any solution for this?


Try choosing HTTP validation instead of TXT, and Cloudflare will automatically validate it if the custom hostname domain name is already proxied to Cloudflare.

Hope it helps!

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