Cloudflare for non-apex domains (only)


Due to specifics of our SaaS, we ask our customers (websites, for instance, to create the following DNS CNAME records: CNAME 300

Where is our domain. Then, our SaaS acts as a proxy to deliver content on, and we have a full control over what is served on

Now, there’s a need to anonymise our server’s IP address to make reverse DNS or any DNS crawler job impossible, i.e. exclude the possibility to find out that is served by, while it’s fine to tell that it’s served by Cloudflare.

Cloudflare does this awesome job if you enable “proxy” (orange cloud) option in the DNS config of, but this requires to be registered within Cloudflare.

I am here to find out specifically whether customers like who are not using Cloudflare as their provider can still utilize Cloudflare’s edge network proxy just on their subdomains.

This may sound like a Partial (CNAME) setup [1], but it seems to require people to manually add their domain to Cloudflare, verify it and moreover purchase a business plan [2].

Is there any way to configure this on behalf of the customer? I.e. ask customers to add a SINGLE CNAME DNS record pointing to Cloudflare. The goal is to remove the management hassle from the customer and support customers who are not on Cloudflare.

Thank you in advance for your response.


You’ll want to have a a look at this:


Straight to the point and looks exactly as what I need. Thank you, I’ll give it a try.

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